Dedicated to the Celebration of Life

Rovelli Monuments has been serving the community for over 50 years by helping families remember their loved ones in unique and creative ways. We understand that this is a difficult time for our families. You can rest assure that we will do everything we can to help you through this process in a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate manner. We offer high quality workmanship at competitive prices and offer our assistance with designing a memorial that is meaningful to you.

Rovelli Monuments is a member of the
New England Monument Dealers Association

Products and Services

  • Mausoleums
  • Monuments 
  • Markers
  • Bronze plaques
  • Cameo Pictures
  • Inscriptions
  • Cleaning
  • Urns
  • Pet urns / Memorials
  • Eternal lights – Rememberance Lights
  • Flag holders
  • Vases
  • Civic Projects

Design Considerations


Cemetery regulations vary greatly.   Some of the smaller, rural cemeteries are more relaxed with their rules than others. In fact, “what cemetery is this for” is one of the first questions we’ll ask.  This helps us to point you in the right direction.
Type of monument –  depending on the section your plot is located in, you may be restricted to a bronze plaque, a flush marker or a slant monument.
Size of monument – the size of the monument is determined by the size of your plot and the section it is located in.
Designs – most cemeteries are flexible on design.  However, some only allow religious symbols or flowers.  Some cemeteries will not allow etchings or pictures.


There is a wide variety of colors to choose from.  Grey, black, pink, red, green, blue, and mahogany are some of the colors available.  The granite comes from all over the world and can be manufactured either in the U.S. or in another country. 


What do you want the monument to reflect about your loved one. Do you want to include a nick name, maiden name, full dates or just years.  We encourage you to tell us about the person – their hobbies and interests.  We’ve designed monuments from necklaces, artwork and other memorabilia.


You can have a traditional monument or a shaped monument.  We can do almost any shape you have in mind or we can help you design a shape that is meaningful to you.


Bahama Blue

Dakota Mahogany

Impala Black

Medium Barre Gray

Canadian Mahogany

Dark Barre Gray

India Red

North American Pink

Canadian Pink

Gem Mist

Jet Black



The price of a monument is influenced by many factors including the size of the granite, granite color, shape, finish, lettering and design. 

Granite is sold by the square foot.  The square foot charge varies by color of granite.  After you’ve decided on the color and size of the monument, we will figure the cost of the granite.  Then, we figure the cost for the shape, design (flat carving, shaped carving, hand tooled, etching), and lettering.

As each monument is made to your particular likes and wants, prices vary widely.

In addition to the cost of the monument, there will be a foundation charge.  In most cases, that fee although made out to the cemetery or the person who does foundations for the particular cemetery, and is given to us and we file the paperwork for you.


How long should I wait to buy a monument?
Some people like to get things going right away while others prefer to wait. There are no specific rules governing this – whenever it feels right for you is the right time.

How long does it take to get a monument made?
Depending on the type of monument you choose, it can take from 6 weeks for a stock monument to 6 months for an import. The majority of monuments take about 12 weeks. Once you decide on particulars, we can give you a specific time frame.

Do you work in the winter?
Yes we do – we work all year long. On average, it takes 3 months or so to make a monument. Monuments ordered in January will generally be ready for installation in April. We usually are looking at least a season ahead as far as installation is concerned.

How much does a monument cost?
The cost of a monument ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the monument you choose. We work with budgets both large and small.

What are your payment arrangements?
We take cash, check or credit card. We are willing to work with you and arrange a payment schedule if necessary.


“Thank you for making such a sad time for me & my family a pleasant experience.  The footstone looks great & fixing my dad’s crooked stone was wonderful.”
-Brenda A.

“Just a note to thank you and the staff for completing the work on the XXXX monument at XXXXX Cemetery in Ridgefield, despite the short notice and the bad weather at the time.  It meant a lot to the family who attended the funeral on March 6 to have the monument lettering finished.  Please tell everyone who was involved with the work that it was much appreciated and that it looked very nice.”
-Nick B.

“Thank you for the lovely job on the gravestone.  It means a lot to my family and me.”
-Janet B.

“Sorry it took me so long to write.  I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my mother’s stone.  I greatly appreciate your extra efforts in our time of need.  You made a very hard time just a little easier to deal with. P.S. The stone was beautiful.”
-Kim S.